Writing Tips For A Dissertation: Literature Review

A dissertation paper is usually divided into several distinct areas including the introduction, background information, literature review and several other sections. Just like the other sections of your dissertation, the literature review part is very important. It helps in developing your paper, highlighting what other researchers have accomplished in the past your chosen area of study.

The literature review part is especially important because it presents useful information that forms the backbone of your research. Also, a review of literature identifies research gaps that your research topic seeks to address. To develop a high quality literature review section, consider the following tips:-

  1. Your sources – obtain credible academic sources with strong research in your chosen area. Most importantly, make use of recent sources since they contain more relevant information than old sources
  2. Conduct in-depth research: before writing anything in this section, research on your topic very well. See what areas will give you enough room to study and present a high quality dissertation paper.
  3. Divide your literature review section into sub-topics: writing a continuous prose for literature review makes your writing clumsy. To make it pleasing to read, divide it into smaller sections that highlight important points of your paper background.
  4. Cite this section correctly: information picked from other sources should be well referenced. Different paper requirements need different formatting styles. Therefore, it is important to stick to the requisite referencing format and credit all sources used in the development of your paper.
  5. Discuss any concerns with friends and colleagues: writing your paper can be tiresome, especially because there is a lot to cover for the literature review section. In that case, you wouldn’t mind getting the help of a friend for a view on how you could do your writing better. Different opinions from colleagues will go a long way to polish up this section and make it good.
  6. Proofread your literature review section: in the course of your writing, there definitely will be some oversights that may need editing in the end. In that case, make sure to proofread your first draft over and over again. At times, it is not easy to see your mistakes and therefore, it is highly advisable to get the help of another person to do the editing together.

Well, these are some of the tips to follow if you want to make a high quality literature review section of your paper. You will have to partner with other scholars if you want to make sure that your paper is free from mistakes. To make your paper worth of submission to be used in other academic forums, you cannot afford to do it alone. Here are helpful hints to get you going.